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Call Me Emperor Mod APK a lovely game animated in Japanese style that gives you an alternate experience of the life of a King.
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Call Me Emperor Mod APK is a beautiful strategy game based on Japanese history and culture. First, you need to choose an Emperor or Empress among various options. Once you select your hero, you hand over the responsibility of a territory. Your primary priority must be peace in the village and equal rights for the people there. Work for the betterment of the town by taking sane actions and building schools and hospitals around the village to enhance the quality of life.

Call Me Emperor Mod APK

Being together and preparing for wars is one of the significant aspects of this game because there remains a chance of random attacks from other empires. If you want to expand your territory, fighting and conquering smaller territories is the only possible way. Doing so gives you more treasures, weapons, areas to rule, and more soldiers. This is the reason there remain threats from other players or emperors. Directly attacking troops may prove expensive because you know their fighting abilities and weapons.

Moreover, The official version can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, which is free. But there are various in-game purchases and annoying ads. You can access the premium version by spending money, but if this bothers you, you may try Call of Emperor Mod APK Unlimited Money & Gems, which offers everything for entirely free. With this Mod, enjoy every premium feature unlocked and utilize that feature without any usage limit. With this Mod, the level of joy is doubled, and the gameplay becomes more interesting and exciting.

What is Call Me Emperor Mod APK?

Call Me Emperor Mod APK is the best-modified version of the Game. It’s a lovely game animated in Japanese style that gives you an alternate experience of the life of a King. It lets you live like a king in majestic castles. With creativity, design your palace and then sit on the throne surrounded by servants and ministers. You are the king, and everything is under your supervision. Manage affairs and protect your territory and the people living in your region.

Call Me Emperor Mod APK

All that you see around you is a reflection of real life. The Game aims to provide an authentic experience to its players. As an emperor, you have to take many steps for the betterment of the people. Collecting taxes from the people and investing them in essential projects is complex. So, planning more robust strategies before attacking any territory is always recommended. Send spies to opponents’ villages and get information about their plans, abilities, weapons, etc. Using Call Me Emperor VIP Cheat Codes, you can attack them by keeping their weaknesses in mind.

On the other hand, prepare a solid army to protect you from evil attacks of enemies. Train your soldiers to handle harsh situations. Build different hidden locations secretly. The more advanced weapons you have, the more powerful you are. The one with the stronger army and weapons can rule the entire Game. Your Enemies have more potent weapons and equipment to use against you.

Features of Call Me Emperor Mod APK:

I know everyone is waiting to read about its unique features. Therefore, I have explained every part of this VIP Game Below:

Unlimited Game Coins and Money:

Game coins are essential in every game application to access premium materials. If someone has these in-game coins, then that person can achieve any level he desires. Likewise, the mod version of Call of Emperor offers unlimited game coins, which you can unlock anything.

Customize Your Emperor:

Although there are a lot of characters and avatars to choose as your hero, you may also create a unique Emperor of your imagination. Bring changes you want in your character, select gender, color, and shape, and also give a unique name to your personality.

Free From Annoying Advertisements:

In the official version of Call of Emperor, you were bound to watch unwanted ads. For any premium features, again, you have to watch ads; this is uncomfortable for players, so here we are with the pro version, where third-party advertisements are blocked.

Stunning Quality:

The game quality is fantastic. Although the Game is 2D animated, it’s better than most 3D games. Its unique and special features give it an advantage over others.

Either DO or DIE:

War is essential if you want to survive for longer because every player around you can attack you to snatch your territory from you. So prepare an unbeatable army with your friends to face any issue or war situation.

Multiplayer Gameplay:

Strengthen your territory with the company of your friends or any random online player. This is a great feature that boosts your performance in the Game.

MOD Features of Call Me Emperor APK:

  • Completely free from every aspect.
  • All levels are unlocked.
  • Clear obstacles and challenges very quickly.
  • Encounter girls during the journey.
  • Bring children to life.
  • Customize your character.
  • Unlimited adventures.
  • Grow your nation.
  • Different modes.
  • Fixes bugs.
  • 100% functional.
  • Make your village.
  • Unlock all locked features.
  • Explore more.

Our Review of Call of Emperor Mod APK:

My team and I thoroughly tested both versions and eventually got unexpected results. Even though the original version is an outstanding game application, its modded version is much better. Call of Emperor Mod APK Unlimited Everything is more convenient and comfortable than the official version. Those features and services you were asked to pay for are now accessible for free in the original version. Likewise, it is a Game like Call of War Mod APK.

How To Download, Install, and Play This Game?

  • Firstly, click the download button and get the latest APK File of this Game.
  • Secondly, go to settings and enable the third-party unknown sources from your device.
  • Thirdly, find the APK File from the download section and click it.
  • Now Tap on the install button on your screen.
  • Please wait a while it will install on your device.
  • After completing the installation, the Game icon will appear on your screen.
  • Click the icon of this App and open it.
  • Finally, create an account and start playing this Strategy Game.


Call Me Emperor, How To Get VIP?

It is pretty simple: click the download button at the top of this Article and Get a VIP Version of this Game.

Can we download this Game from the Play Store?

Yes, you can download the official version from the Play Store. We also provided the official Play Store link. Click the download button and tap on the first link.

Can we play this VIP Game offline?

No, it is an online game, and you need a solid internet connection to play it.


The Call Me Emperor Mod APK is an incredible strategy game with an exciting storyline. Moreover, players are not bound to only a few ways to play the Game as they wish to. Manage all the affairs independently or appoint advisors or ministries to solve problems. You’ll find both official and Mod versions on our website, and the decision is up to you, but from our experience, it’s clear that with its Mod version, the joy is enhanced. Both of the links are provided at the top of the article. Hit the download button and enjoy.


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