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TAS 22 APK football game is the first touch football game developed by First Touch Games Ltd. It, also known as Turk Aze Soccer.
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Football games are considered the most loved, watched, and played for many reasons. Football is something that interests everyone. Before the modern era, whenever people had free time, they used to play and visit football grounds to escape from the world of worries. While in this era, we do not find that much time due to our busy schedules. To keep alive the passion of football lovers, there are lovely soccer games, and one of the popular games is TAS 22 APK. This game claims to be the best soccer game; let’s check whether it’s true. Please go through the review below to learn more about it.

tas 22 apk

There are millions of die-hard fans of football all over the world who aspire to have a realistic football experience on their smartphones. TAS 22 APK is one of the trending soccer games that is widely recognized for its realistic gameplay. Although this application has been launched recently, it has already become one of the most downloaded games. To keep it the number one choice of all soccer game lovers, it is regularly updated with trending features.

It allows you to lead your football team as a coach or manager. First of all, choose any group and then bring some football superstars to make your squad stronger. Then, play leagues and participate in small competitions to level up your team. The more you play, the more powerful players you can unlock. By winning matches, earn money and purchase your favorite players; some of the most loved players are Messi, Ramos, Kylian, Mbappe, Ronaldo, Neymar, and Pogba. All famous football players are available here. Build your dream team with these Pro players.

What is Tas 22 APK?

TAS 22 APK football game is the first touch football game developed by First Touch Games Ltd. It, also known as Turk Aze Soccer, is a highly recommended football game for everyone worldwide. Without any restriction, you can freely download it from any part of the world. Moreover, the game is rich in features, and these out-class features have taken the game experience to the highest level. This game is unique, and it stands out from the crowd. You get a fantastic soccer experience.

tas 22 apk

With this incredible feature-rich game, you get a chance to interact with different people from around the world. Play matches against them and try your best to score more goals. However, to play with real users, you need to connect your device to an internet connection, but don’t worry, you can play it offline as well. If you stay offline, you can access only a limited feature. I suggest you play it online to get the best experience by accessing all the exclusive features.

Features of Tas 22 APK:

The game will allow users to enjoy the real magic of soccer game. Below, we have provided all its fantastic features in detail:

Real Graphics:

Graphics are the most critical factor in the game that is responsible for the end users’ experience. Just like DLS 2023, the game offers incredible game graphics that are appealing. The game environment is the reflection of an actual football match.

Honest Commentary and Crowd:

This version of the series has an improved AI feature that is designed to provide a better experience to the users. With the assistance of AI, the game comes up with authentic commentary. You hear related sentences with each of your movements.

Build Your Dream Team:

Whoever football you are looking for is readily available in the game. Build an unbeatable team with all your favorite players and lead them with your hero. A strong team can help you achieve higher ranks in the game. La Liga, Turkish League, English Premier League, and French League are some companies included.

Customize Your Hero:

The only player that you can modify is your hero. You may change his appearance and upgrade his abilities. You cannot alter other players because they are similar to the actual players. Moreover, to present a more fun experience, you can participate in various leagues and tournaments.

Smooth Gameplay:

Each thing in the game is professionally managed so that you don’t face any lagging and other technical issues. The game runs very smoothly, just like a piece of cake. To make it even more enjoyable, the developer brings regular updates to the game.

Mod Features of Tas 22 APK:

  • Free to download.
  • Free to access.
  • No registration.
  • Multiple game modes.
  • High-end configuration.
  • No ads.
  • All players are available.
  • Quick training for beginners.
  • Unlimited game currency.
  • There is much more to explore.

How To Play This Soccer Game?

The game offers simple controls, but you need a lot of practice to play it smoothly. First, the ball is given to your team, and you are supposed to start the game. You shoot it or pass it to any of your players. It’s up to you. There are a total of 4 significant icons, “kick,” “pass,” “run,” and “direction.” As you’ll see in the game, you can easily manage them with two fingers, but it’s good to use four. Learn to keep the ball with you and then safely pass the ball to any of your players. It takes time to get used to it. However, the enjoyment is from the beginning.


It is not surprising that Tas 22 APK is the highest-rated soccer game. Following these achievements, they keep releasing newer and better versions timely. This time, we are here with the latest version of this football APK for Android and iOS. Download the APK file for absolutely free from our website and start playing. Additionally, FIFA 23 APK and Dream League Soccer 2023 APK are some of the soccer games that I like to play. These games are appealing and are perfect as a soccer game. All these three have their uniqueness; I suggest you try them all. You’ll find these on MLBB Creator Camp for entirely free. Most importantly, we guarantee your safety.

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