Tech Box 71 Vip Injector APK Download [OB40] FF Mod TB71 App

Tech Box 71 Vip Injector APK is a latest Free Fire Tool That Unlocks Every Pro Feature of the game including Auto Headshot, Aimbot and ESP.
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Tech Box 71
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What if you can modify your favourite battle game, Free Fire, according to your desire? What if you can edit and add different features to the game? Well, it seems unrealistic. However, a Tech Box 71 VIP injector injection tool can effectively perform this job. The tool’s shortcuts are functional, and the users get full authority over the game. Now, they can inject new features into the game. The dream of modifying Free Fire has come true with this FF Injector APK.

Tech Box 71

The players of Free Five will agree with me that a beginner faces specific problems while playing, and these problems are the leading factors due to which most beginners quit the game after trying it for a week. Likewise, one of the major problems is the limited supply of features and equipment. Today, we are here with the solution to the problem mentioned above. All you have to do is download the injector Tech Box 71 Injector APK, giving you access to all the modern and advanced equipment you want.

In battle royal Free Fire, access to premium features is always necessary to play the game professionally. The only reason that noobs are unable to survive in the struggle is the lack of premium items and equipment. The one with the availability of advanced features is the master player, regardless of the gamer’s effort to play the game. In a nutshell, you get all that you need to Master the Free Fire battle in a short period. The items are Free of cost.

What is Tech Box 71 Vip Injector?

Tech Box 71 Injector APK is a classic injection tool that changes the battle game Free Fire. It aims to provide you with the best Free Fire experience. Users will be able to boost their gaming skills. The application can help to master the Free Fire battle game.

Tech Box 71

Some of the cool features offered by Vip FF injector are auto-headshots, all ESPs, drone view, location, assassins, avatars, adjustable background, different themes, fast run, quick gun reloads, modern weapons, medkits, and much more. The interface is so simple and user-friendly that users need no special knowledge to run it.

Likewise, the size of the injector is small, about 30 MB, so it consumes minimal battery charge. It supports all iOS and Android devices but must be above 15 APIs. This injector will not harm your appliance because all the included features are anti-ban. Your account, as well as your device, is safe. You enjoy the game.

You won’t believe this all is offered to you without charging a single cent from you. The Vip FF Max injector OB40 has only one demand: to allow it a few permissions, like storage and game modification access.

The working of the injector is fully automatic, but you have to instruct it on what you want to do at which time. You won’t observe any inconvenient features enlisted in it; all the parts are straightforward and safe to use. We suggest you check the Bellara injector, which works similarly.

Features of Tech Box 71 Vip Injector:

Aimbot Menu:

  • Aim Lock.
  • Aimbot Mira.
  • AimBot 99%.
  • Aimbot (Head Fix).
  • Aimbot (Long Head).

ESP Menu:

  • ESP Mira 1.
  • ESP Mira 2.
  • ESP Sizes.
  • ESP Crosshair.
  • ESP colour.

Menu Location:

  • MP40 Location.
  • Gloowall Location.
  • Medkit Location.
  • FF Token Location.
  • All Loot Location.

More Features of FF Injector APK:

  • No Parachute.
  • Invisible Gloowall.
  • Underwater Car driving.
  • Fast run in Water.
  • Anti-Ban features.
  • Exclusive skins.
  • Heroes and assassins.
  • Medical upgrades.
  • Unlimited Weapons & Ammos.
  • Quick Gun Loads.
  • Support services are available.
  • No need to purchase any item.
  • No service charges.
  • Loot Locations can be tracked.
  • The fake Damage Fix option is usable.
  • Auto Headshots.
  • Characters are unlocked.
  • Trending updates.
  • Drone Views between 2x and 6x.
  • Adjustable backgrounds.
  • Loading screen background.
  • Profile Backgrounds.
  • Lobby Background.
  • Aimbot menu.
  • Hide & Invisible Icons.

Our Review of Tech Box 71 Vip Injector FF APK:

I am also a habitual player of Garena Free Fire. The injector Tech Box 71 VIP Injector APK proved immensely helpful and helped me improve my performance in the battle. Since I have been using it, I never noticed any error related to it. It worked perfectly for me, and I will repeat it with you. Moreover, it is a FF injector APK like the Bellara Blrx Vip injector and Ikky Gamin FF Injector.

Tech Box 71

How To Download, Install, and Use This App?

  • First, click the download button to get the latest Vip FF Injector APK 2023 version.
  • Secondly, allow all unknown sources from settings.
  • Thirdly, install the APK File of the injector.
  • After the installation process, the injector icon will appear on your screen.
  • Now open the FF injector on your device.
  • Select the features that you want to unlock on your game.
  • Now click the “Activate” button and “On” all the selected features.
  • Finally, open Garena Free Fire or Free Fire Max and play joyfully.


Is the FF Injector Free to use on Android?

Yes, this FF Injector APK is Free to use on your Android device.

How do you unlock FF skins using this VIP injector?

Download and install this VIP injector and use it on your mobile to unlock FF skins and other premium features for free.

Should I root my Android device to use this Vip FF APK?

No, you do not have to root your Android device because this injector is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


In summary, by using Tech Box 71 Injector, the overall benefit is yours. It saves your in-game item’s purchase and improves your gaming performance with minimal hard work. You can achieve higher levels in the games without spending much time. Most importantly, it notifies you about the game’s latest updates and trending features. Isn’t “It fascinating to have this all for almost spending nothing except a few hours of practice? The link is given below. Download it and share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. If you face any issue regarding the injector, let us know, and we will assist you in solving it.

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