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Welcome the Arrival of Cici!

December 27, 2023January 2, 2024

🌟Exciting times are ahead! Join us in welcoming Cici, the most vibrant warrior on the battlefield! 🌟

Hiya, there! The latest hero, Cici, has officially arrived. Have you had the chance to harness the boundless energy of this exuberant girl who radiates joy on the battlefield?

🌸Cici isn’t just a formidable Fighter; she embodies pure happiness! Her infectious smile lights up even the fiercest of battles, infusing them with her joyful spirit.

Embrace her enthusiasm and inject vivacity into every combat!

🎉Cici’s combat style brims with excitement, and her seamless partnership with Yoyo adds depth and enjoyment to the gaming experience.

Unleash spirited techniques on your adversaries, conquer them, and bring laughter to your team!

📸Now, it’s your turn to spread the joy!

Utilize Cici to bring joy to the battlefield, share your delightful moments with her in the Land of Dawn on Facebook/Instagram/TikTok, or any other social media platform, and submit it under this page!

Don’t forget to include your In-game ID and Server ID in the post and use #cicihighlight.

🎁Rewards: In addition to the chance to have your creation reposted on MLBB’s official platform, a multitude of rewards await you! 🏆💰

  • Top 1-3: Collector skin
  • Top 4-10: Epic skin
  • Other recognized entries: In-game item pack🌈

🚀Cici is ready to infuse the battlefield with joy and laughter—are you? Let’s embark on this vivacious journey together!

When submitting the work, please fill in the information completely. Otherwise, your work may not be recorded due to lack of information.

Please do not submit the same works multiple times, do not steal other people’s works, Moonton reserves the right to interpret the event.