Free Diamonds and Skins MLBB

Through our MLBB creator camp website, there are various ways to get free diamonds and skins. This is especially true for players who are not willing to spend real money on these things. Luckily, there are a few ways you can get MLBB creator camp diamond free.

Diamonds hold great importance in MLBB, but at the same time, they are hard to acquire. An easy way to get enough diamonds is by buying them, but that’s an expensive option that most players avoid.

Diamonds are needed to purchase skins and other items in the game. Since many players are not willing to pay for diamonds, they cannot have skins either. No worries, we have got the right solution for you. We have put together some easy ways to get mobile legends creator camp diamond and skins.

How To Get Free Diamonds In MLBB Creator Camp?

Getting MLBB creator camp free diamonds is easy if you know the right approach. However, if you are new to the community, you might find some things confusing. For your convenience, we have detailed the ways to get MLBB creator camp diamonds in the section below.

  • Streaming

Becoming a streamer is a great way to get MLBB creator camp free dias. When you stream the MMORPG title, you can earn MLBB creator camp free dias 2024 easily. 

If your streams attract a good number of views, you can apply to become a Key Opinion Leader streamer, and these creators receive a bunch of MLBB creator camp free diamonds APK. The key is to build a fanbase who are willing to get virtual gifts for you.

These gifts include things like Flowers (Two Diamonds), Roadster (250 Diamonds), Jewelry (Six Diamonds), and Yacht (1,000 Diamonds). This method is the most practical way to get free MLBB creator camp diamonds.

  • Giveaways

Many game enthusiasts who create content for MLBB frequently organize giveaways, providing an opportunity to acquire MLBB creator camp free dias

While the outcome relies on chance, numerous YouTubers encourage viewers to engage by sharing and liking their videos and even leaving their game IDs in the comments. Winners are then selected from the comments and rewarded with MLBB creator camp free diamonds.

  • Tournaments

While tournaments in MLBB can be challenging, especially for newcomers, they offer an avenue to earn MLBB creator camp free dias 2024

The game developers have organized competitions with substantial rewards, such as 1,500 USD and 5,000 MLBB creator camp free diamonds APK. Participating in these tournaments presents an opportunity to accumulate MLBB creator camp free diamond.

Some players also use MLBB creator camp free diamonds hack to get free diamonds. But that can be risky as there’s a chance for you to get caught. It is advisable to check MLBB creator camp details before using such hacks or cheats.

How To Get Free Skins In MLBB Creator Camp

There are many ways to get MLBB creator camp free skin and knowing these steps will be beneficial for you as an MLBB content creator. We have provided all the possible methods through which you can claim free MLBB creator camp skin.

  • Look Out For Skin Events

F2F players can get free skin by performing certain actions. Focus on the assigned tasks because that’s your way to get free skins and other items.

  • Draw On New Arrivals

When new skins are launched, MLBB promotes it for a lesser cost. You can get these skins by spending a small amount of Aurora Crystals. Alternatively, you can earn new arrival tickets from your Starlight membership or recharge. Both methods are great for earning free skins.

  • Use A VPN To Access Country-Specific Events

This is another way to get free skins in the MLBB creator camp. All you need to do is use a VPN to gain access to country-specific events and complete certain tasks to earn free skins.

  • Ask Skins From A Friend

Yes, you read that right! If needed, you can ask for skins from your friends. If they are willing to give you skins, you can get them for free, without putting in any effort. Before trying any other method, it is better to ask your friends and see if they will give you skins.

  • Take Advantage Of The Magic Wheel

Using the magic wheel continuously can get you an elite or a painted skin. Additionally, you can get magic wheel potions for events, Starlight membership, or recharging. If you are lucky enough to score a magic crystal, you can use it to redeem a legendary skin.

  • Use Diamonds

You can use your MLBB creator camp diamond free to get any type of skin you like. By chance, if you get a Diamond Draw, you can use it to earn free diamonds.

  • Watch Out For MPL Codes

MLBB creator camp redeem code is usually given away to players at the end of MPL streams. If you manage to get this code, you can redeem it to get free skins. However, you need to be quick in redeeming these codes, otherwise, you may lose your chance. You can redeem a code by accessing the redeem page on the website.

  • Use Your Premium/Rare Skin Fragments

For this, you need to access the Shop section. Once you are there, you can redeem a previous Starlight skin or Season skin. Just make sure that you have enough skin fragments in your stock.

  • Try The Lucky Spin

By using the lucky spin, you can get yourself the chance to win a basic skin. However, this is not a guaranteed method. You will get a skin only if you get lucky with the spin.

  • Take Part In The Grand Collection Draw

By participating in the Grand Collection Draw, you can get a chance to win a free basic skin. Players spending diamonds can easily get a collector and an elite skin.

  • Get A Starlight Membership

Signing up for the Starlight membership has its advantages. It is a one-month membership and gives you a chance to earn a skin chest and painted skin at different levels.

  • Join The Aurora Summon

By joining the Aurora summon, you can get free skins as well as other items. After your 10th draw, you will get a skin randomly.

  • Daily Login Rewards

The daily login gives you skin fragments and skin cards. When you have enough of these items, you can use them to get skins from the fragment shop.

By now you should know how to earn free MLBB creator camp diamonds and skins. All you need to do is follow the given tips and it will help you accumulate enough skins and diamonds. The more of these items you have in the game, the better it is for you.


How to get free diamonds on MLBB?

You can get MLBB creator camp free diamonds APK by streaming or participating in tournaments. You should also look out for any giveaway opportunities.

How to get free diamonds in MLBB 2023?

By getting more views on your streams, you can get MLBB creator base free diamonds in 2023.

How to get a free diamond?

Using MLBB creator diamond hack is a good way to earn free diamonds.

How do I redeem my ML 2023 code?

You can redeem your diamonds MLBB creator camp code from the redeem section on the website.

What are promo diamonds for MLBB?

In MLBB, promo diamonds are vouchers that you can use to purchase ML skins or items at special discounts. While regular Diamonds are blue, promo diamonds are gold or yellow.