MLBB Creator Camp Events

On this page, you will find all the current and upcoming MLBB Creator Camp events being run by us for the community. The works that have been selected will appear in the featured videos section below.

Here are the featured videos from the creators:

These events are free to join and you could win exciting prizes by taking part in these events. So, what are you waiting for Join Now from the Button Below.

Ongoing Events:

1. Welcome the Arrival of Cici!
2. Choose Your Hero And Fight On!
3. Create Beyond Greatness!
4. Yu Zhong’s Highlight Challenge

When submitting the work, please fill in the information completely. Otherwise, your work may not be recorded due to lack of information.

Please do not submit the same works multiple times, do not steal other people’s works, Moonton reserves the right to interpret the event.

MLBB Creator Camp Events Introduction

Explore the exciting world of MLBB Creator Camp where each moment brings a fresh adventure. Anyone who is a fan of Mobile Legends and wants to create high-quality content can become a member of the MLBB creator camp event.

It doesn’t take much to join MLBB creator camp events. You just have to be passionate about Mobile Legends and have social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

MLBB creator base introduces new events every month to keep the members entertained. These events play a crucial role in enhancing your MCC journey and allow you to grab the best rewards. 

So, if you are ready to elevate your Mobile Legends Creator Camp experience, here’s your chance! Join the MLBB creator camp event today and experience the magic of this legendary community.

MLBB Creator Camp Events Guidelines

MLBB creator camp events are probably the most exciting part of joining the event MLBB creator camp. To become a member of the MLBB MCC, you must participate in the mobile legends creator camp event.

MOONTON, the creator of MLBB, offers monthly activities on the official website for players to join. These events usually focus on a new skin or hero in the game. You can earn free diamonds by creating high-quality content about the featured skin or hero. Just click on the MLBB creator base event to learn more.

It is important to remember that these MLBB creator base join events have a time limit. So, make sure to submit your content on time.

MOONTON specifies the type of content they want for each MLBB creator camp event. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you can get yourself a chance to win free diamonds.

You can learn about MLBB creator camp new event by accessing the official website. The details about the upcoming events are updated on MLBB’s website.

After creating your content, use the right hashtags from the MLBB Creator Camp event page. Also, enter your server ID and character’s name in the description. Once you are done, hit the “Participate Now” button.


Remember, each entry is reviewed by MOONTON. They reward free diamonds to players based on the quality of their content. So, make sure to give your best, so you can grab all the free diamonds and other items. MLBB Creator Camp is an exciting place for all Mobile Legends enthusiasts. By participating in the monthly MLBB events, you can join the community and enhance your MLBB journey.