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Yu Zhong’s Highlight Challenge

November 14, 2023December 1, 2023

This time, Yu Zhong stands on the stage of the M Championship. Confronting his inner demon, he no longer fears because only by surpassing greatness can he master his destiny!

1. Type of work: Video / stream 

2. Please submit your content to the following platforms: Tiktok, Facebook, X (Twitter),YouTube, or Instagram.

3.Video links without any editing will be considered invalid video.


1. Record Yu Zhong’s incredible in-game feats and create a video lasting no more than 3 minutes. Upload it to Facebook/Instagram/X (Twitter)/TikTok/YouTube

2. Leave your server ID and the first 6 numbers of game ID on the description, for example, game id 123678 server id 1231 

Hashtags Required: 





1. Top 1-3: Collector Skin + Recommendation from the Officials

2. Top 4-10: Epic Skin

3. Other recognized works: In-game Diamond bundle

4. If your work is choosen by official TikTok channel, you can at least get 300 additional diamonds as rewards!

When submitting the work, please fill in the information completely. Otherwise, your work may not be recorded due to lack of information.

Please do not submit the same works multiple times, do not steal other people’s works, Moonton reserves the right to interpret the event.