MLBB Fredrinn Guide: Best Build, Skills, Combos And More

MLBB Fredrinn Build

MLBB Fredrinn Introduction

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang launched a fresh update, patch 1.6.98, introducing a new hero named Fredrinn MLBB. In the advanced server, Fredrinn takes on the role of Tank/Fighter. This new hero’s passive ability makes him impressive, enabling him to utilize his skills to recover HP whenever he deals damage. Fredrinn can also stack energy to unlock his other skills that are typically not always accessible.

If you enjoy taking hits for your team and controlling crowds during crucial moments in the game, you will appreciate Fredrinn MLBB. Armed with a spear, the Rogue Appraiser excels as a powerful EXP laner or jungler, mainly thriving in extended team battles. Due to his distinctive set of skills, people regard him as one of the most powerful heroes in ranked games.

Let us now take a look into Fredrinn build and skills.

What is Fredrinn Build?

In Los Pecados, Fredrinn Mills is a pro at finding valuable treasures. Fredrin ml is doing it to get enough wealth to meet his best friend again.

Wise Fredrinn Build is the son of Duke Vance. Fredrinn’s fighter build is quite good at exploring, but some folks in Los Pecados call him a “money-grubber.” Fredrin has a mysterious crystal in his chest that’s connected to his friend’s passing. Fredrinn Mobile Legends is searching for an opportunity to bring back his old friend.

Fredrinn’s Skills In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mastering MLBB Fredrinn requires plenty of patience. He has four skills, so it will naturally take some practice before you become a pro at handling him. Before you understand Fredrinn, let’s learn about his skills.

Passive – Crystalline Armor 

Each time Fredrinn build skill hits a non-minion enemy, he gains Combo Points. His ultimate consumes varying amounts of Combo Points at different skill levels. Fredrinn stores a significant portion of the damage he takes as Crystal Energy, which gradually fades after a few seconds.

Fredrinn MLBB build can transform the stored Crystal Energy into HP, and gaining a Combo Point resets the decay timer.

It’s important to note that Crystal Energy isn’t an additional shield; instead, it indicates the potential HP gain from basic skills and attacks.

Enemies can see the amount of crystal energy you possess, emphasizing the importance of using Appraiser’s Wrath when Fredrinn’s HP bar has a substantial amount of crystal energy.

While attacking creeps and minions can also boost HP, the increase is much higher when damaging enemy heroes.

Since Fredrinn new hero MLBB, doesn’t rely on mana for skill casting, you can unleash all your skills during the laning phase when your health bar shows Crystal Energy. It is important to note that once the energy decays, there’s only one way to recover the lost health with a spell vamp item or life steal.

Skill 1: Piercing Strike

In this move, Fredrinn emblem thrusts his sword in the targeted direction, causing solid damage to enemies. Fredrinn build and emblem also slows them down for a brief duration. Fredrinn ml basic attack gains increased range and inflict additional damage, especially to non-heroic enemies.

The most important is Fredrinn’s bread-and-butter skill. During the landing phase, Piercing Strike proves effective as a harassment tool. Use it to secure last hits on minions and leverage the enhanced basic attack on the opposing hero. 

The extended attack range allows you to harass the enemy laner without getting too close. Successfully hitting enemy heroes with this skill grants one action point.

In case you are interested, you can find Fredrinn MLBB wallpaper online.

Skill 2: Brave Assault

Fredrinn MLBB comic swiftly moves in the target direction, causing damage to the initial non-minion enemy struck. His ensuing basic attack propels the target into the air briefly.

Beyond its offensive utility, Brave Assault enables jumping over battlefield walls. It’s essential to note that Fredrinn MLBB combo halts upon encountering an enemy hero, so exercise caution when attempting an escape to ensure no enemy heroes obstruct your path.

The knock-up effect of this skill extends to both enemy creeps and minions.

For optimal synergy, deploy Brave Assault before Energy Eruption. The knock-up effect proves most effective before following up with Energy Eruption’s taunt on nearby adversaries.

Successfully landing this skill on enemy heroes earns one action point.

For those who are curious to know about Fredrinn MLBB age, he is 40 years old. You can get it online if you are a fan looking for Fredrinn MLBB wallpaper

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Skill 3: Energy Eruption

Fredrinn ~ MLBB build inflicts damage on nearby enemies, taunting them briefly. Striking a non-minion adversary grants Fredrinn MLBB skin-enhanced magic and physical magic defense for a short time. It also reduces the cooldowns of Brave Assault and Piercing Strike by a percentage. However, this skill requires Combo Points to execute.

Energy Eruption becomes accessible at level four, with the automatic allocation of one point upon learning Appraiser’s Wrath.

Since this skill consumes one action point, it cannot initiate a team fight. Before using Energy Eruption, you must deploy Brave Assault or Piercing Strike first.

Initiate the skill setup with Brave Assault, and consider the Energy Eruption’s limited range. This skill also taunts creeps and minions.

It would help to position yourself in the backline before unleashing Energy Eruption to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard in team fights. This tactic works well against fragile heroes and causes significant damage. It is the best build for Fredrinn.

Skill 4: Appraiser’s Wrath

In Fredrinn’s MLBB story, the appraiser’s Wrath is his ultimate skill. Fredrinn forcefully swings his sword in the targeted direction, delivering damage along with a percentage of his Crystal Energy as physical damage in a fan-shaped area after a brief delay. 

The central region inflicts more significant damage, doubling the conversion ratio from Crystal Energy to damage dealt to enemy heroes.

The potency of Fredrinn MLBB counter Appraiser’s Wrath increases with the amount of Crystal Energy accumulated.

Precision in aiming is crucial to maximize damage against enemies in team fights, with the central area dealing heavy damage.

Exercise caution in using this skill when Fredrinn has total health, as it will only inflict base damage. 

Optimal utilization involves surprising enemies by unleashing the ultimate when their health is below half their HP bar.

Fredrinn builds Appraiser’s Wrath, which serves a dual purpose, effectively securing objectives such as Turtle, enemy jungle buffs, and Lord. Its mechanics resemble Balmond’s ultimate, escalating damage as your HP decreases.

Keep in mind that casting the ultimate incurs action points.

Skill Analysis And Hero Overview

Fredrinn MLBB is an exceptional fighter/tank hero with a unique ability that makes it easy for him to regain health. Fredrin build Crystal Energy, accumulated when he takes damage, aiding this health regeneration. Damage from turrets can also be turned into health when he damages enemy units.

This unique feature makes Fredrinn best build an excellent choice for turret dives, significantly when maximizing his combo points. To activate ml Fredrinn’s powerful Ultimate ability, you must use his first two skills, which grant the required combo points.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • First and Second Skills: Use them to gather combo points, which is essential for activating his Ultimate.
  • Third Skill (Ultimate Activation): Target enemy heroes for crowd control and reduce the cooldown of the first two skills by 75%.
  • First and Second Skills Again: Use them to accumulate more combo points.
  • Fourth Skill (Ultimate): Activate it while the Fredrinn combo points are available.

Fredrinn jungle build ultimate ability deals substantial damage when there’s a high amount of Crystal Energy. It increases the skill’s wear and boosts the health recovered upon its use. These incredible abilities make Fredrinn build 2024 a powerful hero with impressive health-regenerating and damage-dealing capabilities.

How To Win With Fredrinn?

Here are some tips for victorious play with Fredrinn MLBB build:

  • It would help if you kept in mind that for MLBB Fredrinn’s ultimate to activate, his skills must connect with either jungle creeps or heroes.
  • Once you have unlocked your ultimate, you can venture into other lanes. You must ensure that your combo points are complete to unleash your ultimate during your visits.
  • Fredrinn Abs has impressive crowd-control abilities, so there’s no need to hesitate from tanking.
  • It would help if you focused on acquiring items that enhance your durability on the battlefield.

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Best Spells And Emblem Set For Fredrinn

Now, let’s look at the Fredrin MLBB emblem set and spells.

Emblem Set

For Fedrin, the best emblem to use is the Custom Fighter Emblem. This emblem setup ensures that Fredlin ml has enough HP and Physical Attack to do well in battles. 

In the first tier, go for Bravery to get extra Physical Attacks on the battlefield. In the second tier, choose Persistence to increase Freddrin’s max HP during battles.

In the third tier, unlock Unbending Will, which has a unique ability. It increases damage output as Fredrinn tank build loses HP from enemy attacks. Since Karltzy Fredrinn build is a Fighter/Tank hero, you can also use the Custom Tank Emblem to boost his Regen, Max HP, and durability on the battlefield.

Battle Spells

  • Execute: This spell doubles damage during battles, making defeating enemies with low health easier.
  • Flicker: Use this spell to catch up with fleeing enemies or escape dangerous situations.
  • Vengeance: This spell is handy for additional damage reduction, especially when facing multiple enemies. It also reflects some damage to those enemy units.

Best Builds For Fredrinn

There are several builds you can try for mobile legends Fredrinn. Pay attention to the enemies you are up against and choose your role on the battlefield accordingly.

Fredrinn skills are those of a tough hero who can take a lot of damage from enemies while regaining health efficiently. So, it would help if you focused on boosting his durability and HP Regen.

Start by building Warrior Boots for added durability against Physical Damage heroes. If the enemy team has many heroes with crowd-control abilities, go for Tough Boots to reduce the time you are under crowd control.

Next, get Bloodlust Axe for extra Regen and durability whenever you use your skills. Build Cursed Helmet for its high HP and continuous damage through its passive. Follow that up with Thunder Belt for more durability against Physical Damage heroes and its unique ability to slow down enemies while increasing your chances of dealing actual damage.

Consider Oracle to enhance Fredrinn’s HP regen, which is especially useful against anti-regen items. Finally, build a Guardian Helmet for extra HP Regen and HP. This combination will make Fredrinn a formidable force on the battlefield.


Fredrinn’s new hero, MLBB, is a formidable force with exceptional abilities. By joining the MLBB creator base, m4, you can access Fredrinn and choose him as your player. You can emerge victorious on the battlefield by utilizing his skills and the right attack combos. For new players, they may need some practice controlling Fredrinn.


How to use Fredrinn MLBB?

You can use Fredrinn once you start playing MLBB.

How to counter Fredrinn MLBB?

You can counter Fredrinn using tank killers like Karrie or anti-heal heroes such as Baxia. You can also use heroes with high CC against and burst him immediately.

How old is Fredrinn MLBB?

Fredrinn in MLBB is 40 years old.

Is Fredrinn a good hero?

Fredrinn is a powerful tank hero with exceptional skills and abilities.

Is Fredrinn the brother of Lesley?

Fredrinn in MLBB happens to be Lesley’s step brother.

Are Fredrinn and Harley siblings?

Yes, Fredrinn and Harley are siblings.

Is Fredrinn physical or magic?

Fredrinn has both magic and physical defense.

Who can defeat Fredrinn?

You can defeat Fredrinn using Baxia or Karrie.

What is the best battle spell for Fredrinn?

The best Battle Spell for Fredrinn is Flicker. He uses it to chase down opponents.

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