Who Made MLBB? Details about the creator of Mobile Legends

Who Made MLBB?

Mobile Legends happens to be one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. But do you ever wonder, Who made MLBB? Most people indulge in Mobile Legends without knowing the name of the person who created MLBB.

Mobile Legends was launched in July 2016, and since then, it has become a massive franchise with many players and a thriving eSports scene. But most players need to be made aware of the founder of mobile legends

If you are wondering, “Who made MLBB?” you have come to the right place looking for answers. In this article, we explore this mystery to uncover the creator of this mobile multiplayer online battle arena game and other things you might want to know.

Who Made MLBB?

As a fan of Mobile Legends, you might wonder who made MLBB. We will answer this question in this section.

Mobile Legends is made by Moonton Games. Also, you should know that Justin Yuan is behind the company Moonton Games. He is currently serving as the CEO of Moonton. So, now you know who made MLBB game.

Players should also know that Moonton is a part of ByteDance’s Nuverse subsidiary and operates from Shanghai, China.

Guided by Justin Yuan, Mobile Legends has grown globally, particularly in Southeast Asia. It has achieved significant popularity in the last few years. The engaging gameplay and frequent esports events have created a lively gaming community.

For fans of MLBB, it is worth knowing who made MLBB game. Now that you have your answer, you should share it with your friends when they ask, “Who made the MLBB?”

Games Made By Moonton

Now that we have answered the question “Who made MLBB?” It’s time to move on to other details.

Moonton is a famous gaming company, and Mobile Legends is not the only game they created. They have many other popular games under their wing.

While Mobile Legends is the most successful title by Moonton, the publisher has launched several other games for mobile devices. Since 2015, they have released more than six games. Unfortunately, one of those games is no longer playable.

Here is the list of games launched by Moonton:

  • 2015: Magic Rush: Heroes
  • 2016: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • 2019: Mobile Legends: Adventure
  • 2020: Mobile Legends Pocket (unavailable)
  • 2020: Sweet Crossing: Snake.io
  • 2023: Watcher of Realms

Except for Mobile Legends Pocket, all these games are available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

In addition to its mobile game titles, the company also created a television series. The exciting thing about this series is that it features the iconic characters from Mobile Legends. 

The show is titled “Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone,” it aired on various networks globally in 2021.

After reading the above paragraphs, it should be clear: “Who created MLBB?” It is good to know who the owner of Mobile Legends is since you are a fan of the game.

Justin Yuan invented mobile legends. He is the current CEO of Moonton.

Why is Mobile Legends so popular?

Mobile Legends is the first MOBA game in Asia with an analog and D-Pad. This innovative approach has garnered widespread appreciation among mobile gamers, solidifying Mobile Legends as the go-to game for many.

Who made mobile legends? The brains behind Mobile Legends are the developers at Moonton, which CEO Justin Yuan leads.

Another contributing factor to the game’s growth is its fast-paced gameplay and the thrill of winning matches. The game’s short duration, lasting only 10-12 minutes, accommodates players with busy schedules who can enjoy Mobile Legends during their free time.

Despite its success, Mobile Legends has faced controversies, the biggest being the accusation of plagiarism because of the in-game characters. Although Moonton has registered copyrights, there was heavy criticism for similarities with other MOBA games. 

However, the game’s fan base continues to expand, which reflects the popularity and strength of its large and active community.

Knowing the name of the person who created MLBB shows your deep liking. If you wish to learn more than “Who created mobile legends bang bang?” you should continue reading this post.

Development Of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

After learning who created ml and Justin Yuan Moonton, let’s delve into other details about the game. In this section, we will shed light on the game’s development.

The Mobile Legends game by Moonton saw a significant improvement when it first came out in 2016. According to stats, the money made from the game kept going up from 2016 to 2021.

In 2016, Mobile Legends generated $3.99 million. In 2017, the amount went up to $85.46 million, which continued to increase until 2021, when the revenue hit $236.14 million.

As the money from Mobile Legends went up, so did the prizes for the esports tournaments. The big international game, the World Championship, has a final event called the M Championship. 

In 2019, the M1 World Championship had a USD 250,000 prize pool, and by 2021, the M3 World Championship increased the prize money to USD 800,000.

There is no doubt a significant development for Moonton, the company who created mobile legends. It shows that many people, especially in Asia, are into mobile games. 

Moonton, who created mobile legends, made more money and created a significant international Mobile Legends esports scene with prizes even more extensive than those in PC esports competitions.

If you wish to know more about “Who create mobile legend?” you should continue reading this post.

Uniqueness Of MLBB

By now, you know who is the creator of mobile legends. Now, let’s talk about its uniqueness, drawing millions of players to the game.

Every game has something special that differentiates it from other titles, and Mobile Legends is no different. Apart from being the first analog MOBA game, it has unique features. One of these is the characters, which come from the folklore of other countries.

Moonton, who made the mobile legends, collaborates with Southeast Asian countries, which is their primary market. They work together to create characters inspired by the history of various Southeast Asian countries.

Some examples are Badang from Malaysia, Minsitthar from Myanmar, Lapu-Lapu from the Philippines, and Kadita inspired by Nyi Roro Kidul from Indonesia. 

Moonton, the MLBB creator, also looks to Russia for inspiration, creating heroes like Zhask, Natalia, and Moskov.

Mobile Legends Gameplay

Now that we know who made ml and who is Moonton, let’s look at the gameplay. This information might be helpful for those who are new to the game.

Mobile Legends is a mobile game where you play with others online. It’s free to play, and you can buy things like skins and characters in the game. 

In the game, you control a special character called a Hero with unique abilities. Heroes have six roles: Support, Tank, Mage, Marksman, Fighter, and Assassin, and each has different responsibilities.

The game has two teams, each with five players, playing in real-time. Players are matched based on their ranking, and there are seven ranks: Legend, Elite, Warrior, Master, Epic, and Grandmaster. The highest rank is Mythic. Players can team up with others of similar positions or those who are one level higher or lower.

The main goal is to take down the other team’s base. The game has three lanes: the mid lane, the gold lane, and the exp lane. The positions of the exp and gold lanes switch depending on the side of the map a player starts on. 

The jungle is between the lanes divided into four parts. Different creatures in the wilderness give gold, buffs, and experience.

Players must note that they can only attack the enemy base directly after first taking down the turrets in at least one lane. Each lane has three turrets that deal a lot of damage. To attack them safely, players need help from their team’s minions. The team that destroys all the turrets increases their chances of beating the other team’s base.

In classic mode, losing or winning doesn’t affect a player’s ranking. Players can also form a team regardless of rank differences. They also have the choice to select any heroes, including trial cards and weekly free ones.

Justin Yuan is the company’s founder for those curious to know who created Moonton. He is currently the CEO of the company.

Arcade And Other Modes In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

You already know about Mobile Legends Creator. Now, let’s talk about the different modes in the game.

Who made mobile legends bang bang? Starting with the arcade mode, it is an extra game mode. You can play this mode during special events, occasions, or holidays. This model has different sub-games that require various strategies.

Who is the creator of mobile legends? Players start with two random heroes from their collection in the brawl mode. Players can buy items only inside the base; if they leave, they can’t return until respawning.

Who made moonton? Magic Chess is like a chess game where you, as a commander, face seven other players on a battlefield. Instead of fighting directly, you buy and line up units representing MLBB Heroes. 

The goal is to eliminate other players by reducing their commander’s health to zero, and you gain rank points based on your placement.

Who is the owner of MLBB? There are other permanent arcade modes like Mayhem, where hero abilities are enhanced. In Death Battle manner, players can use different heroes in a single match. In the Mirror mode, players of the same team use the same hero based on majority voting. 

Other game modes include fighting against AI heroes, hero training, and custom 5v5 battles with other players.

Final Words

After reading this post, the name of the creator of ml should be clear. The owner of Mobile Legends is Justin Yuan, the CEO of Moonton. The mobile legend founder is focused on improving the game and adding more exciting features. Mobile Legends is an excellent game, and every mobile gamer should try it at least once. It has engaging gameplay, characters, and much more. To know more about MLBB do check out our website and you will receive regular updates about the game.

FAQs about The Making of MLBB

Who is the founder of MLBB?

The credit for creating MLBB goes to Moonton and the company founded by Justin Yuan.

Which country made MLBB?

MLBB is made by Moonton, which is based in China.

What year did MLBB create?

MLBB was created and launched in the year 2016. Since then, it has built a considerable fan base of millions of players.

Who copied MLBB?

Riot Games filed a lawsuit against the MLBB developer in May 2022 due to copyright infringement.

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