Copium Meaning on Twitch: Why People Use this meme?

Copium Meaning on Twitch

Copium Meaning Introduction

Do you want to know the meaning of “copium“? Well, it’s a new word that is getting popular online. Since it’s a brand-new word, you may not find copium meaning in a dictionary. But no worries, we have got your back.

In this post, we will tell you the meaning of copium, usage, and origin of this word. If you want to learn copium meaning, read this article.

What is The Meaning of Copium on Twitch?

So, you want to use the word “copium” but don’t know the meaning of copium. We will explain the purpose of this word in this section, so you don’t need to look up the copium urban dictionary.

Copium roots go back to 2003 when it appeared as the name of one of Keak da Sneak’s albums. It stayed under the radar for over ten years, not gaining much attention until it became a widely shared copium meme and a common expression on Twitch.

The term “copium rex as we know it today, emerged in 2016. Since then, it’s been commonly used on social media platforms such as Twitch and others.

In Twitch chat, Copium is a mix of two words called a portmanteau. For those who don’t understand, a portmanteau combines two words to make a new one. For example, “brunch” is a mix of “lunch” and “breakfast.”

Copium is made by combining “Cope” and “Opium.” When people use copium meme in Twitch chat, they are talking about using this made-up drug to deal with failure on stream. 

Usually, there is a copium frog meme with Pepe the Frog hooked up to a copium meme template to show this idea.

Who Uses The Word “Copium”?

Copium is a funny term gamers use on places like Reddit and Twitch. It is a part of Twitch culture, like KEKW. It’s a joke about a pretend drug you will use to handle losing in a game.

For example, if you keep losing in a game like Valorant, your viewers might playfully tell you to take some copium or use a copium Pepe meme.

People often use copium emote with Pepe, the frog. The Pepe copium meme has been around the internet since 2018. Instead of saying copium, you can share the copium meme.

If a team is not doing well in a game on Twitch, their fans might jokingly say copium. It’s saying they are using this imaginary drug to handle the stress of supporting a losing team. Nowadays, the copium meaning meme, is super common on Twitch and other social platforms.

By now, you should know what is copium and copium meaning in chat. However, there’s more to tell about the copium meme, so read this post until the end.

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Copium’s Popularity On Twitch Chat

Now that you know copium meaning, let’s talk about its popularity on Twitch chat. It will give you more ideas about copium, meaning Genshin, and copium, meaning meme.

Copium isn’t discussed much on Twitch, but it’s a common word on Reddit and other social media. It got famous on the subreddit r/the_meltdown and was used to tease upset left-leaning folks after Donald Trump won.

The term started on 4chan and was picked up by right-leaning users on platforms like Twitch and Reddit. Before they counted the mail-in votes in the recent US election, it seemed Trump would win again, but Biden won. 

Copium emote was used often, with Pepe The Frog wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Urban Dictionary user enterprise1701 recently defined compium as a metaphorical opiate that is inhaled to deal with the failure of a team, especially in politics, sports, and other group settings.

Pepe copium is not super popular on Twitch chat, but it’s an old meme with a political history dating back to 2016. It’s been shared a lot during the previous two presidential elections in the US.

So, now you know what is copium and what is copium meme. Knowing what copium means allows you to use it on social media.

Copium Vs. Hopium Meaning

Now that we have discussed the copium meme meaning, let us move on to other details. In this section, we will tell you hopium vs copium meaning Twitch. You may find this information interesting if you like to use copium pepe a lot.

Hopium is a lot like copiu. Or Copium. It’s a funny word used as a joke, not something to take seriously. While copium png is for situations where you need to cope, Hopium is used to make fun of false hope. 

The term “hopium” comes from the world of cryptocurrencies. If you are holding onto a cryptocurrency that’s not doing well, using hopium means hoping it will bounce back.

In the end, both Hopium and copium Genshin are just joking words. They can be used in various situations, even outside gaming. Copium, meaning meme, is versatile and works in any context, including games like Genshin Impact and New Impact.

After going through the above sections, the meaning of copium should be clear. Copium mean is a joke and is used commonly to deal with the loss of a team in sports or politics.

Now that you know copium meaning Twitch, you should be able to use it correctly. People use copium, meaning slang for fun, and it doesn’t mean anything offensive.

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How To Use Copium?

Once you learn copium meaning Genshin, you will want to use it with your friends on social media. Here’s a brief guide to understanding copium meaning in chat and using it properly.

Employ copium for a playful reality check online or in texts. If a friend is giving excuses or someone online is avoiding the truth, hit them with a quick copium meme to let them know what you think. 

Use the copium meme template emote on Twitch to tease other users. After your favorite eSports team wins or your beloved streamer keeps losing, use copium meme adalah to make fun of the losing team or the streamer.

You can find copium meaning in urdu, copium meaning in tamil, and copium meaning in hindi on the internet. All you need to do is search for it on Google.

You can also download Copium meme pic and copium meme gif, so you can use them on various platforms whenever you like.

Final Words

Copium is a funny word commonly used on social media platforms like Twitch. It is also quite popular among Reddit users. They use copium meme images when a team loses in politics or sports. Copium meme means to deal with a team’s failure. Copium, meaning gaming, is also the same, and the term is used when a person continuously loses in a game.


What does the Copium meme mean?

Copium refers to the use of this fictional drug to deal with failure or loss on stream.

Why do people keep saying Copium?

People use copium as a joke on social platforms like Twitch.

Who made the Copium meme?

The famous copium meme features Pepe rapper Keak da Sneak making the frog.

What is a Copium on Twitch?

Copium is a joke or slang word on Twitch and other social sites.

Why do people say KEKW?

KEKW refers to an activation code riffed on “KEK.” When a person types KEKW, it generates the image of a laughing man.

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