Forecast Towers Fortnite: All Locations & How to find them easily

Forecast Towers Fortnite Locations & How to find them easily

Forecast Towers Fortnite Locations Introduction

Fortnite introduces Forecast Towers, which is helpful to players only if they know their location.

The newest Fortnite season, Chapter 4, has a cool heist theme, and players love it. It takes you back to the Battle Royale Island, where you play in the “Last Resort” mode. All you need to do is overcome the challenges while keeping yourself alive.

The changes reveal Kado Thorne and his pals taking over the island. Additionally, Epic Games has introduced new weapons so players can use them in the heists. Among the new additions is Forecast Towers Fortnite. These new structures on the island come in handy when strategizing to survive in a Battle Royale match.

Speaking of Forecast Towers Fortnite, there are a total of six of them, all scattered across the island. They benefit you and your team during a match by providing information about where the storm will move next.

If you are wondering, “Where are the Forecast Towers in Fortnite?” you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to find Fortnite Forecast Towers and other details.

Forecast Towers Fortnite Locations

We will start with Forecast Towers Fortnite locations. If you are new to the game, pay attention to the information in the lines below.

Just like the Loot Island and Combat Cache, you won’t immediately find Forecast Towers Fortnite. Players have time to gather supplies on the island before worrying about reaching the Fortnite tower. It only happens around a minute before the second Storm Circle closes in.

In Chapter 5, players can expect three Forecast Towers in each match, appearing at four specific locations. Once they appear, players can check their map to find them. 

Here are the details of Forecast tower locations in Fortnite:

  • On the hill overlooking Riviera Station.
  • On the hill south of Reckless Railways, overlooking Dumpenhausen.
  • On the hill east of the pond at Reclaimed Villa.
  • It’s on the slope between Ruined Reels and Ship It! Station.

All the Forecast Towers in Fortnite are near the railroad, so players riding the train can easily spot them as they pass by.

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How To Access Forecast Towers?

So, how do you secure Forecast data from Forecast Towers Fortnite? Or how do you access them? We will talk about it in this section.

Players must obtain the access key before venturing towards the Forecast Tower Fortnite to unlock its valuable data. It involves defeating the Legion Tactical Elite and two Legion Heavy Grunts. They act as the tower’s guardian. In Fortnite, dealing with the legion grunts and boss is crucial.

Players should prioritize eliminating the two grunts first, given their lower health, before focusing on the boss. Once the boss is defeated, the Legion Tactical Elite will drop an Epic rarity Striker Assault Rifle and the Forecast Tower Access Card. 

Players must then bring the access card to the Forecast data Fortnite to claim it and unlock access to the Forecast data from Forecast Towers. It enables them to foresee future Storm Circles until the end of the match.

Now that you know where are Forecast Towers Fortnite, let’s move on to other details.

How To Find The Forecast Towers?

We already discussed Forecast Towers. Now, the question is how to find the Fortnite guard tower locations. Let’s find out in the details below.

There are six Forecast Towers scattered around the landscape. They keep track of the Storm Circle and tell you where it’s going next. To find one, check your map or look at the sky.

Once you spot a Forecast Tower, check the monitor on its control panel. Sometimes, you will need to wait for it to start up. If it’s ready, it will either show “Forecast Secured” or “Forecast Available.”

If it says “Forecast Secured,” someone else already got the info. You will need to find a different tower. But if it says “Forecast Available,” get ready for a challenge. You must face one of Kado Thorn’s Dealers, who guard the towers with their henchmen.

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How To Collect Forecast Tower Data?

In Fortnite, defeating a Dealer Boss rewards you with their Legendary Keycard and Mag Assault Rifle. The henchmen might be patrolling or could appear from a nearby rift, ready to challenge you. Be prepared for a tough fight against multiple enemies at once. Good weapons and a Business Turret can help, and hiring an NPC for support is even better.

After winning the battle, you will receive the Dealer Legendary Twin Mag Assault Rifle and the Forecast Tower Keycard.

Return to the tower’s control monitor and use the Keycard to access the Fortnite secure Forecast data from Forecast Towers for upcoming Storm Circles throughout the match.

How To Activate Forecast Towers in Fortnite?

Fortnite Forecast Towers can only be activated early in the match. Players must defeat The Dealer NPC and his two Low Card guards, who appear when the safe zone shrinks for the first time. After defeating The Dealer, a Forecast Tower Access Card is dropped, which players need to activate Forecast Towers Fortnite.

The Dealer and his guards around the Fortnite Forecast Towers, with their locations marked on the mini-map. Approach with caution as they attack on sight.

Note that defeating The Dealer alone is sufficient to obtain the Forecast Tower Access Card. However, since the guards remain hostile, they must be removed before players can retrieve the card.

Once you secure the Forecast Tower Access Card, head to one of the three Forecast Towers on Fortnite island to activate it. Activating a Forecast Tower highlights the next safe zone on the Fortnite storm map.

Is It Worth Activating Forecast Towers in Fortnite?

For now, it’s advisable to skip activating Fortnite Forecast Towers. With a deep understanding of the game mechanics, attempting to start them may be worthwhile. 

However, for experienced players familiar with early rotations, activating Fortnite Forecast Towers can enhance their strategic advantage by providing insight into the next Storm Circle.

The decision ultimately hinges on whether players are in a safe zone or near a Forecast Tower for activation. Depending on these circumstances, sometimes it’s better to forgo activating them altogether and focus on regular gameplay for better results.

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Final Words

Fortnite Forecast Towers are a great addition to the game. It makes the gameplay exciting and keeps players hooked. The Fortnite Forecast Towers appear as five separate installments around the map, and knowing their location can benefit players.

FAQs about Forecast Towers Fortnite

Where are Forecast Towers in Fortnite?

The first Forecast Tower is in the north of Frenzy Fields. Following it, the second Forecast Tower sits north of Mega City, beside the Mesa’s Reach Landmark. The third and last Forecast Tower is situated at the Icy Islets Landmark.

How do you secure Forecast data from Forecast Towers in Fortnite?

To secure data from a Forecast Tower in Fortnite, you must defeat the boss to acquire an Access Card.

How do I activate Storm Towers Fortnite?

Return to the control monitor at the tower’s base and insert the Keycard.

What are the Forecast Towers in Chapter 4, Season 4?

The Forecast Towers in Chapter 4, Season 4, are buildings on the island.

Where is the secret area in Fortnite?

The secret area in Fortnite is found Northeast of Hazy Hillside.

What are zombie road signs in Fortnite?

You can find zombie road signs in various locations across the map.

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