Who is the King of Fanny MLBB? Rank #1 Fanny Player

Who is The King of Fanny MLBB Introduction

Fanny is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that many players don’t like to face. This assassin hero came onto the scene in 2016 and grabbed the attention of many with her unique set of skills.

One of her skills, Steel Cables, allows her to move swiftly around the battlefield. Taking down an experienced Fanny player is challenging because she can quickly secure an easy kill and escape using her Steel Cables.

Talking about Fanny, many players wonder, “Who is the king of fanny mlbb?” You have come to the right place if you are one of them. We are here to tell you, “Who is the king of fanny in mlbb?” So, if you are ready, let’s get on with it!

Who is The King of Fanny MLBB?

So, who is the god of fanny mlbb? We will answer this question in this section.

Who is the king of Fanny MLBB?

Jason Robante, also known as “King Jasro” is a famous content creator and streamer from the Philippines. Recently, he joined the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team of Z4 Esports.

King Jasro gained recognition as the “king of Fanny Mlbb” because of his impressive skills with the hero Fanny, who was known for his high mobility.

He was invited to join Z4 eSports. The invitation to join Z4 eSports came from Billy Alfonso, aka Z4pnu, founder of Z4 eSports and professional player for Omega eSports. It’s important to note that King Jasro will not compete as a pro player but will play a vital role as the team’s star streamer and player.

Now that you know who is the god of Fanny mlbb, let’s talk about Fanny.

Fanny’s Skill Analysis

Who is the king fanny mlbb? Jason Robante is considered the king of Fanny.

Who is the fanny god in mlbb? Fanny has three skills, of which Steel Cable is the most important. With Steel Cable, Fanny can swing between various obstacles and walls. You can use this skill many times in a row. The more cables, the better the chances for impressive moves in the game.

Who is king of fanny mlbb? It’s crucial to remember that using Steel Cable frequently improves performance. It helps target weaker heroes and escape tricky situations. However, this skill consumes a lot of energy, so hitting enemies is essential to keep the energy level up. 

Who is the king of fanny in mlbb? The other two skills are good for quickly defeating enemies. Additionally, Fanny’s passive skill increases damage by marking enemies.

For those wondering who is the fanny god, Jason Robante is the name.

List Of Heroes Who Can Counter Fanny In MLBB

By now, you already know “Who is the king of fanny mlbb?” This section will tell you about the heroes who can counter Fanny in MLBB. There are three such heroes, and they are:

  • Khufra

Who is the king of fanny mlbb in Philippines? Khufra is known as the crowd control king because his skills stun or move enemies, making him an excellent choice against agile heroes like Fanny. 

Who is the god of fanny mlbb? Khufra can use his skill of bouncing the Ball to stop Fanny from using her cables. By activating the skill near her, he can quickly follow up with Tyrant’s Revenge or Tyrant’s Rage to immobilize her. If Fanny manages to escape, Khufra can use Spell Curse to slow her movement speed. 

Who is the king of mlbb? Although Khufra lacks damage, it’s essential to coordinate with your teammates, especially the jungle or gold laner, during team fights. The duration of Bouncing Ball is short, so securing a kill on Fanny is crucial before she gets away with Steel Cables.

  • Akai

Who is the god of fanny in mlbb? Akai is an ideal tank jungle to face off against Fanny. With solid defensive stats and a Heavy Spin attack, he becomes a formidable opponent for Fanny users in ranked games. 

Who is the king of funny mlbb? When timed correctly, Heavy Spin can prevent Fanny from activating her Steel Cables. The ability’s duration also makes it easier for your teammates to follow up and succeed at the kill. The only challenge in this matchup is positioning Akai’s ultimate correctly. 

Who is fanny god? When facing Fanny, you should consider using Ice Retribution to debuff movement speed. Before choosing Akai, you should set at least one teammate with a single-target stun.

  • Saber

Who is the king fanny of mlbb? Unlike the previous heroes, Saber is not about setting up an easy kill but disrupting Fanny’s movements. His Triple Sweep can knock a target in the air, catching Fanny even if she’s in the middle of using her Steel Cables. 

Who is the god of fanny? Start by building Blade of the Heptaseas as your first item to enhance your burst damage. Bursting down Fanny becomes more manageable if you secure a few kills early at the beginning of the game.

Who’s the king of fanny mlbb? If you need to catch up, consider adding a few defensive items like Immortality, Blade Armor, or Antique Cuirass. Finishing the game early with Saber is crucial, as he loses effectiveness later when opponents have their complete item builds.

Top Fanny Builds for Mobile Legends

Now that you know “Who is the king of fanny mlbb?” Let’s talk about other things about Fanny.

ML Fanny is well-known for her ability to regenerate health while swiftly moving between enemies. Her Ultimate can swiftly eliminate squishy opponents, making ambush and spell vamp items crucial for Fanny. Begin with essential damaged items, then transition to tanky items for battle durability.

Who is the king of mlbb? In the early stages, focus on damaged items since Fanny excels from early to mid-game. As the mid-game approaches, she may struggle, so prioritize early damage items to maximize her formidable reaping ability. Experiment with various builds, tailoring them to the enemy’s choices and determining your role on the battlefield. 

Here’s a guide for Fanny in Mobile Legends:

  • Brutal Boots: Enhances Fanny’s early magic damage resistance and aids in escaping crowd control effects.
  • Blade of the Heptaseas: Deals extra Physical damage with the following Basic Attack if Fanny takes or deals no damage within 5s.
  • Bloodlust Axe: Provides a decent cooldown reduction and physical attack stat, boosting Fanny’s early-game damage from the item’s passive.
  • Malefic Roar: Punishes enemies relying on armor by reducing enemy armor through Physical Penetration. It also offers a decent amount of Physical Attack.
  • Antique Cuirass: Effective against physical damage dealers, reducing the enemy’s physical attack when taking damage. 
  • Athena’s Shield: Ideal for countering burst magic damage, protecting Fanny from squishiness. It is beneficial against high magic damage heroes like Eudora, Aurora, etc.

Additional Spare Items:

  • Rose Gold Meteor: Acts as a safety net, saving Fanny from sudden bursts and providing additional physical attack attributes.
  • Immortality: Grants a second life to Fanny, potentially turning the tide of the match. Allows Fanny to spell vamp and regenerate HP quickly after the resurrection.

Mobile Legends Fanny Tips For Better Gameplay

Who is the strongest fanny players 2022? Fanny stands out as a critical hero in MLBB, with countless montages showcasing some incredible gameplay online. A skilled Fanny can dominate the enemy team, while a less experienced one might become a burden. Given Fanny’s challenging nature, mastering her requires significant practice.

Who is the best fanny user in the Philippines? Encountering Fanny, who wreaks havoc on the opposing team, is a common experience for regular players. Achieving this level of prowess involves focusing on essential aspects such as buff timing, cabling, swindle timing, and executing kills. At each stage of the match, Fanny players need to perform crucial tasks. Since Fanny relies heavily on energy, securing the Purple buff becomes essential.

Who is the strongest fanny player? Utilizing Fanny’s passive to deal with additional damage and following up with her ultimate and first skill are vital strategies. Learning the art of cable spamming, especially when fighting near walls, is crucial for Fanny users. To outperform the enemy with Fanny, it’s vital to use these capabilities effectively. Additionally, a good understanding of the map is necessary to unleash the full potential of any hero.

Who is the strongest fanny user in mobile legends? Breaking down Fanny’s gameplay, we can categorize it into three phases: early, mid, and late game. Our Mobile Legends Fanny guide provides the perfect game plan for each stage to help you enhance your performance.

Final Words about Who is the King of Fanny MLBB

By now, you should have a good idea about the fanny ml picture. She is one of the most robust and most versatile characters in MLBB. Jason Robante is the king of ml fanny, and he gained this recognition because of his impressive skills. To know more about mobile legends fanny, do check out our website, where you will get great insights of the game.

FAQs about King of Fanny in MLBB

How hard is Fanny Mobile Legends?

Fanny Mobile Legends is more challenging than you might think.

Is Tigreal and Fanny siblings?

Fanny is Tigreal’s younger sister.

Who can defeat Fanny in ML?

Eudora is considered the best counter for Fanny.

Which ml hero is most accessible to play?

Layla is the easiest to play in MLBB.

Why is Fanny the most complex hero?

Fanny is the most complex hero to master in ML, with a difficulty rating of 100%.

Is Fanny a good hero?

Yes, Fanny is one of the best heroes in ML.

Why is Fanny so hard to use?

Fanny’s mobility and skills make her hard to use.

What is the most complex character to use in Mobile Legends?

Hero Fanny is the most complex character in ML.

How good is Fanny in Mobile Legends?

Fanny is a great hero in ML.

How much time does it take to master Fanny?

It takes a couple of days to master the basics and a week for the rest.

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